The Artist

I have been working in developing computer software since the early 1980's, while dabbling in computer generated art as my hobby.

One particular artistic algorithm I have returned to again and again is the fractal mesh, a process that takes an ordinary triangle, and repeatedly applies a random warp or deformation, breaking it into smaller triangles. Each successive generation further deforms the sub-triangles, and an overall 3-dimensional effect emerges.

The randomness of the fractal mesh is similar to many random effects in nature:

  • the path of lightning through the air
  • the shaping of a coastline
  • the billowing of clouds in a storm, or smoke from a fire
  • the flow of water as it erodes and shapes a hillside

I have added color to the basic fractal mesh algorithm, so that images can be vivid and colorful or muted and pastel, and the generated pattern still mimics the patterns and forms of nature. The colorful patterns draw the viewer back again and again - often to discover a new shape or texture in the patterns of the fractal mesh.

When people look at these images, they typically find one or two that they find especially appealing, and I believe this is because the flow of color and shape in my images evoke the same flow of shape we see every day in the natural world, and a particular image may remind them of a personal place or time.

Just as we by nature are drawn to watch the embers of a fire, or the flow over a waterfall, or lightning across the sky, my images compel and draw in the viewer, to consider the complexity and beauty that emerges from simple natural processes and effects.

Fractallography Studio

In 2008, I decided to try using my software to create physical art pieces (previously, they were just images on my computer screen - pretty, but ephemeral). I eventually teamed up with a local photographer here in Austin who had a printer for printing images directly onto canvas. Bill would print the canvases, and I would varnish and stretch them.

Me, adding acrylic varnish over a freshly printed canvas before stretching

I entered a few local art shows in Austin, and in my second show, I took 3rd place. In my third art show, I sold three pieces.

My first award-winning piece, "lands of light and shadow"

Since then I have shown and sold work in galleries, coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, mostly in Austin, but also in Dallas and most recently Kerrville, Texas. My work is in collectors' homes in Europe, New York, California, Colorado, and many here in Texas.

In 2014, I expanded my media to include apparel, and showed a collection of scarves printed with my artwork at Austin Fashion Week.

Me being interviewed by Anne Hudson for Cable News coverage of Austin Fashion Week

I've also been working with a company in Toronto to produce my phone skins and cases, laptop skins, and other accessories. Most recently this adventure into fashion has turned to include high-quality scarves and leggings, the ones that you see on this website. I am eager to see my artwork not just on walls, but on phones, laptops, and now LEGS!

I'm also happy to include work featuring my artwork "breath", which was selected as a finalist entry in the 2017 Austin Art Boards competition. "breath" will be shown on billboards around the Austin area.

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