Fractallography Studio
abstract art for contemporary decor

Paul McGuire's new piece breath is one of the 10 winners of the 2017 Austin Art Boards competition, and will be displayed on various billboards around Austin during 2018!

Fractallography Studio delivers a line of decor-friendly abstract art.  Ranging from displays of vivid colors to muted cloud patterns, these artworks can be selected and tailored to any modern decor - home, office, spa, restaurant.  You'll find that the images are meditative, involving, and that you are drawn back to consider them, and find new details you did not notice before.  Fractallography prints are best displayed in a dramatic oversize format, providing a provocative visual focal point to any work or living space.

Browse through our gallery, and choose from a wide selection of colors, patterns, settings, and visual textures.  Or contact us to create your own unique design, specified to match your particular contemporary setting.

Our new online shop features scarves, phone cases and skins, laptop skins, throw pillows and note cards. Subscribe to our mailing list to learn about new designs, products, and discount coupons!

Or contact us at directly at for more information.


Paul McGuire's art is now listed in houzz interior design ideas
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